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Navy Confirms Increased Piracy in Regina Subsec

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Reports over the course of the last several weeks of a marked increase in piracy in the coreward reaches of the subsector have been substantiated by Navy officials in a routine press release. In today's weekly press briefing, a naval spokesman confirmed that an unusually large amount of shipping had failed to make scheduled planet-fall and that no communications from the Kinorb Cluster had been received for over two months.

When questioned further, Public Relations Officer Lieutenant Commander Vanderheydt hault-Josephson pointed out that fewer than ten ships had been scheduled to make the little-used Kinorb- Pixie run in that period, and difficulties at Riesling Down Starport on Kinorb could easily explain the situation. However, hault-Josephson added that the Navy had not ruled out the possibility that piracy from "a source or sources unknown" could be responsible.

In response to the situation, hault-Josephson announced that the battle cruiser Agidda, until yesterday under order to join the squadron at Efate, was instead being routed to join her sister ship Adamdun in the Kinorb Cluster and report back on the situation. The dispatch of Agidda was further described as "purely precautionary."