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Zhodani Military Cancels Ruie Exercises

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In a joint conference arranged by Duke Norris of Regina, Zhodani Ambassador Shterbifriashav announced that military exercises in the Ruie system, originally planned for today, have been cancelled.  The substantial Zhodani war fleet that was to have taken part, along with ground assault forces, will soon be recalled to bases away from the Consulate borders.

"Although Ruie is not an Imperial world," explained the Ambassador, "Our forces could have been perceived as violating the demilitarized zone established after the Fourth Frontier War.  We do not want to contribute to the increased tension in this area by deploying our fleets so close to the Imperial border."

Duke Norris added, "Ambassador Shterbifriashav and I will be discussing safeguards to ensure that both the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate can look to their own issues along the border without provoking a military response from the other side."

Despite these comments, rumors persist that the Zhodani are continuing to build up military forces in the area.