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Ine Givar Activity Erupts

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Long quiescent, the Ine Givar terrorist organization seems to be taking advantage of the uncertain situation to increase their activities. In addition to reports of activity throughout the Imperial borders, in recent months the Ine Givar have been implicated in numerous acts of destruction and sabotage, including (most recently) the disappearance of the merchant ship Harun-al-Rashid, now six weeks overdue from Equus (Lanth 0807), an explosion and fire in scout base facilities at Meleto (Mora 0407), and the release of a deadly viral toxin into the water supply of the Imperial Naval installation at Bendor (Glisten 0706).

Spokesmen for Naval Intelligence refused to comment on speculation that the Ine Givar might be receiving support from outside the Imperium. A high-placed source, however, said that the possibility of Zhodani or Sword World financial support cannot be discounted.

The most famous act of terrorism attributed to the Ine Givar took place on Efate (Regina) early in 1105.  Until now, no acts have taken place which could be directly attributed to the Ine Givar with the possible exception of the explosion in General Shipyard's Pixie Facility (Regina 0303) later in that same year.