Quar / Chronor / Spinward Marches


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In a joint press release, the Zhodani Consulate and the office of Duke Norris of Regina announced that negotiations have begun on a ground-breaking treaty that promises an end to the Frontier Wars.

Both sides have already agreed in principle to the terms of the treaty, which includes limits on expansionism, notification of military maneuvers, and joint administration of the demilitarized zone.  The main issue still to be worked out is apparently verification.  The Duke has offered to allow Zhodani observers wide access to military facilities on border worlds, and also with certain Imperial fleets.

Admiral Lord Santanocheev, long a proponent of the so-called "active defence" of the Marches including the first-strike option, was not available for comment.  He was relieved of command by Duke Norris six months ago, and an inquiry is still pending.