Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Red Zone: Pimane

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A scientific vessel from the University of Mora today delivered data indicating a strong likelihood of lethal solar flares in the Pimane system (2527 Spinward Marches; E500343-4) within the next two months.  As a result, Pimane has been declared a Red Zone until the Navy determines that the crisis has passed.

Imperial Navy vessels have been dispatched to Pimane from the naval base at Mercury (2624 Spinward Marches; B658663-8).  These vessels will enforce the interdiction of the system.  The Navy is planning to maintain a shielded facility in far orbit in which travellers can be housed safely for the duration of the crisis.  This facility will also be used to temporarily house the 9,000 inhabitants of the system who are to be evacuated from the planet.

A spokesman for the Imperial Navy stated that they will do everything in their power to ensure they find all belters and transients as well as permanent residents.  They are committed to protecting the population, and to helping reboot the colony once it is safe to do so.  Construction and other heavy equipment is also being deployed to Pimane to be ready to go into action if there is damage to the domed cities.

In a brief press conference, one of Archduke Norris' staff announced that the entire operation is being funded from the Domain of Deneb Disaster Relief Fund, and that it is expected that the Emperor will approve an Imperial Grant to reimburse the Domain in turn.