Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Patents of Nobility Announced

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Archduke Norris today announced that the Emperor has bestowed two new titles to Domain residents.

Grand Admiral Baron Bridgehead (ret.) has long served the Emperor as a Knight.  His appointment to Baron is in recognition of outstanding continued service since his retirement from the Imperial Navy in 1116.  Over the past two and a half years he has actively worked for the Imperium's interests not only in the Spinward Marches, but in bordering states as well.

The Count and Countess Fostriades have served the Imperium's merchantile interests over the past several years.  They are expected to take a vacation on their yacht Hermes before taking up their official duties in trade liason to the Darrian Federation.  Count Threasis Fostriades brings his years of experience as a Tukera Lines officer and engineer to the liason office, which is expected to speed the introduction of new jump drive developments to the Imperial merchant fleet.  The Countess Lia has considerable experience in proactive diplomacy, and will no doubt also be an asset in negotiations with trans-Darrian nations in the Reidan subsector of Foreven.

Neither the Baron nor the Count and Countess were available for comment.