Frenzie / Vilis / Spinward Marches

Piracy Strikes Stellatio

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An Imperial Navy spokesman announced that a free trader was recently attacked on its way out of the Stellatio (1216 Spinward Marches; D5A4420-4) system.

The captain of the trader, which was not identified for security reasons, claimed that a large pirate ship overtook them and fired several warning shots.  Unable to escape, the trader surrendered.

The crew and passengers of the trader were treated with respect and not harmed.  No personal possessions were taken, but the entire cargo of valuable pharmaceuticals was stolen.

The pirate captain identified herself as Robin Sherwood, of the pirate ship Berlin.  The Zhodani have an outstanding bounty for the delivery of Ms. Sherwood resulting from her actions against their shipping, but she apparently has no prior offenses recorded within the Imperium.  Ms. Sherwood and the Berlin were last seen in Sansibar (0412 Spinward Marches; B200310-A) several years ago, when they escaped after a battle with Zhodani naval vessels.

Any information regarding the piracy incident, or the whereabouts of the Berlin or Robin Sherwood, should be reported to Imperial authorities immediately.