Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Jonkeereen Petition Archduke

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Jonkeereen leader Armis Kowrollian formally presented a Petition for Imperial Intervention (PII) to the Seneschal of Archduke Norris of Deneb at the palace today.

Tensions on Kowrollian's home planet of Ianic (1924 Spinward Marches; E360697-5 ) have escalated between the ruling non-geneered humans and the Jonkeereen minority over attempts to establish a Bureau of Jonkeereen Affairs.  The government of Ianic has refused to listen to Jonkeereen representatives, claiming that there is no constitutional way to establish such a bureau.

Traditionally the Imperium takes no hand in local politics, considering such as outside the Imperial mandate.  The PII is normally used for cases of war affecting Imperial jurisdictions, or to prevent potential use of banned weapons.  This is the first time a PII has been used for political reasons.

The Seneschal accepted the petition on behalf of the Archduke, and indicated that the petition would be heard.  No comment was made on when a ruling is expected.