Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Amber Zone: Pimane

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Officials today downgraded the status of the Pimane system (2527 Spinward Marches; E500343-4) from Red to Amber.

This results from an announcement that Imperial Navy and Imperial Interstellar Scout Service scientists have determined that the solar instability in Pimane's primary is over.

The system was classified as a Red Zone on 198-1119.  Since then five major solar flares have been observed.  Two of these caused loss of life: the J6 Imperial Navy freighter Paul McGann was lost with all hands, and a later flare caused an explosion which destroyed the downport city of Hope's End.

The star has now returned to a stable state; while IISS staff will set up an observation base to monitor solar activity, officials have assured the public that no more flares will occur in the forseeable future.

Reconstruction will start shortly now that the system is no longer interdicted.  The Amber Zone classification is expected to remain until the new starport has been completed; until then, service for interstellar traffic can be obtained at the Imperial Navy outpost in far orbit, although only class E facilities are currently available to the public.