Ianic / Lunion / Spinward Marches

Amber Zone: Ianic

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TAS representatives on Ianic (1924 Spinward Marches; E360697-5) today announced that the system is to be immediately be classed an Amber Zone, as violence spread following the arrest of Jonkeereen rights activist Armis Kowrollian two days ago.

Press access is being heavily restricted, but reports have been coming in of major acts of violence across the planet.  The Bureau of Information has issued a statement that a crack-down on criminals has taken place; travellers who have reached the safety of the starport have described a situation more akin to a civil war.

Jonkeereen in the system have been banned from inter-city travel, and are subject to internment without trial if arrested in the wrong area or without ID.  Rumors that Kowrollian's home city of Caraanthen is being beseiged have not been confirmed, nor have allegations that Bureau of Politics artillery have been deliberately shelling civilian targets in the mainly Jonkeereen city.

Meanwhile, the capital has been the site of running battles between the government and several paramilitary factions.  While the Urban Desert Army is most active, claiming to control a full third of the city as well as responsibility for the destruction of many government buildings, other groups are also taking advantage of the situation.  Some of the paramilitary groups are in fact fighting alongside government troops against the rebels.

The starport remains operational and has been untouched by the upheaval.  It is expected that travel through the system, as well as visitors to the starport, will not be severely affected by the crisis.  Travellers should, however, exercise caution and be prepared for delays.  In no event should off-worlders leave the starport jurisdiction.

The Government, as well as several of the other major groups including the UDA, the Anarchist Coalition, and the Citizens for Traffic Laws, have stated that they are seeking mercenaries.  Conventional repatriation agreements are being offered by all sides in the conflict.