Ianic / Lunion / Spinward Marches

Tukera Wins Arms Contract

Tukera Lines, LIC, has won a very lucrative contract to remove and sell all firearms, knives, and most other weapons from the new government of Ianic.  Since the settling of the Jonkeereen rebellion on 031-1120, there has apparently been no need for such weapons to remain on planet.  The government is overseeing the removal of all such objects from the system, and compensation is being paid to citizens of Ianic who turn in such items, deemed "uncivilized" by local culture.  According to TNS reporters, the response from the public has been unanimous -- 100% of all weapons are being turned in.

Tukera Lines was apparently chosen for this contract because of their ability to mobilize a large fleet of low-displacement traders, which must be used as a result of the Ianic government's terms.  All items are to be loaded and sealed on the planet's surface under the supervision of local officials; no shuttling to orbit is permitted.

Tukera has declined to specify how they are to dispose of these weapons, but they have assured stockholders that it is a very profitable deal.