Frenzie / Vilis / Spinward Marches

Imperial Navy on Alert

The Imperial Navy in Vilis, Jewell, Regina, and Lanth subsectors are being put on Alert following reports of massive troop movements throughout the Federation of Arden.

Apparently there are reports that all Federation armed forces have been mobilized.  These forces, including ground Army in addition to Marine and Naval troops, are constantly moving between systems, a tactic clearly designed to confuse observers as to the location and strength of the military operation.  More importantly, it also obscures the intended objective.

Coming in the wake of expansionist rhetoric by the Federation just over a month ago, Imperial authorities are concerned that war is imminent.

Our experts consider the Imperial world of Phlume (1611 Spinward Marches; C887624-8) to be a prime target.  It is a highly productive agricultural world not directly in the Xboat system, and therefore might be considered of sufficiently low strategic importance to the Imperium that the Federation could take it and then sue for peace.  Certainly their troop movements include units intended for occupation as well as assault, and that indicates they intend to hold what they take.

The Zhodani have remained silent on the situation, except to say that they will abide by the Treaty of Quar.  Supporting this, an Imperial spokesman stated categorically that this was not a situation that could escalate into a Fifth Frontier War.