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Zhodani Denies Arden Battle

With the Imperial Navy on alert because of the Federation of Arden crisis, rumors have been flying that the Zhodani 117th Fleet was defeated in battle with Federation forces.  The Zhodani fleet, which was confirmed lost on 355-1119, has been missing for some time and was known to be operating outside the Consulate.

Consulate representatives today stated categorically that no Zhodani forces had been in conflict with the Federation of Arden.  They added that the 117th Fleet had not been operating in that area; they did, however, decline to reveal where the fleet had in fact been lost.

An Imperial Navy spokesman added that there had been no report from their observers on the Zhodani border fleets of any actions whatsoever.  He also stated that the Federation of Arden forces seemed to be concentrating on the Imperial side of their territory.  He completely ruled out any pre-emptive military action against Arden by either Imperial or Zhodani forces.