Capon / Lunion / Spinward Marches

"Akim's Army" Bombs Government Office

A terrorist group calling itself "Akim's Army" has bombed a local government office here on Capon (2324 Spinward Marches; B747748-A).  The bombing was carried out at night; no-one was hurt, although several security guards were in the building at the time.

In a message released to local media, Akim's Army claimed that they performed the action to draw attention to the government conspiracy to suppress the late author Akim Gavrolovitch's unpublished novel, The Arden Gambit .  While it is true that the book was to be released early this year, unspecified difficulties have caused it to be delayed.  The publisher has merely dropped it from the release schedule pending resolution of the problems, and intends to produce it as soon as possible.  Our reporter was assured that the manuscript is in the possession of the publisher, but was not permitted to see it for copyright protection reasons.

Akim Gavrolovitch died in a hunting accident on 289-1119 on Gorram (2322 Spinward Marches; X554220-0).  Extremist fans of his conspiracy action novels insist that either he was executed, or that the death was faked and he is being held by Imperial authorities.  In either case, the fanatics say, it was to prevent him revealing "the truth," by which they mean some conspiracy of a grand scale.  They further accuse officials of covering up the details of Gavrolovitch's disappearance, and of suppressing the unpublished novel he had submitted before his death.

To everyone except these crackpot devotees of Gavrolovitch's fiction works, there is no doubt at all that he died an accidental death, and that The Arden Gambit will be published as soon as the minor difficulties have been resolved.  Nevertheless, Akim's Army threatens further actions in the name of their cause.

As yet, the Travellers' Aid Society has seen no need to change Capon 's rating as a Green Zone.