Frenzie / Vilis / Spinward Marches

Arden Says Confrontation Was Mistake

The Federation of Arden, recently involved in a standoff with the Imperium in the Vilis subsector, has backed down unreservedly.  In a statement presented to the Duke of Vilis by the Federation ambassador, it is revealed that the actions which led to the crisis were taken by a Federation Navy admiral without the approval of the Arden Society.

Further, it was stated that the admiral had been "removed."  If past practice is any indication, that means that the blamed officer, along with his friends and family, have almost certainly been executed.

All belligerent statements that were issued apparently from the Federation during the crisis were not endorsed by their government, and came solely from that admiral.  The statement closed with a sincere apology for the situation, and an assurance that it would not happen again.