Pimane / Mora / Spinward Marches

City of New Hope Settled

Construction of the city of New Hope on Pimane (2527 Spinward Marches; E500343-4) has been completed.  The population of the system, temporarily relocated to the Imperial starship Oz during the recent stellar instability which destroyed the original city of Hope's End, is now being returned to the mainworld.

Civilcon, LIC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperiallines, began building the new city on 084-1120, and has constructed a state of the art domed community.  While being consistent with the tech level of the Pimane residents, it incorporates many advanced features to ease maintenance and keep the city in top condition.  A Civilcon spokesman said that they expect the city -- which incorporates a new convention center -- to be a showcase for the company's quality, and to attract visitors from throughout the Marches.

The new starport has not yet re-opened.  It is to be administered initially by the shipping company Imperiallines, and it is expected that the much improved facilities will result in an upgrade of starport status in the near future.