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Tukera Lines May Win Exclusive Ianic Contract

A spokesman for Tukera Lines today announced that the company is in negotiation with the government on Ianic (1924 Spinward Marches; E360697-5) for an exclusive shipping contract for all state-owned crafts.  It is expected that the contract will be signed in the next few months.

Ianic has recently had a change in government resulting in a complete shake-up of the economy.  Several former industries have been outlawed, while hand-made crafts are making a resurgence.  Looking for an offworld market for such quality crafts, representatives from the government invited several shipping companies to present plans for marketing and transport.  Tukera claims that they have come to an agreement in principle for an exclusive contract; all that remains is to work out details of the signing ceremony.

Tukera has an active interest in shipping -- and marketing -- quality low-volume craft products, and it can be expected that an exclusive arrangement with Ianic would be very profitable.  Market analysts are predicting a strong increase in Tukera stock price as a result.