Arkadia / Vilis / Spinward Marches

Pirate Ships In Turf Battle

The piracy situation in the Vilis sector took a dramatic turn today as two pirate ships engaged each other in battle on the outskirts of the system.

The battle began with the infamous Berlin approaching a merchant ship, the Eneri Eighth.  As the pirate Robin Sherwood was dictating terms, another ship approached the two vessels.  The third ship told the Eneri Eighth to stand by -- their cargo would be taken by whichever pirate ship remained.  It then told the Berlin that Sherwood had stepped onto the wrong turf, and said they should prepare for battle.

After the challenge to the Berlin, the other ship opened fire with missiles and lasers, and Sherwood's ship took evasive maneuvers and returned fire.  The Eneri Eighth immediately ran for the inner system, and details of the remainder of the battle are sketchy.  The battle lasted approximately an hour and a half, with both pirates apparently suffering damage.  In the end, the Berlin jumped out.  The other ship began pursuit of the Eneri Eighth, but it was soon clear that the pirate had a damaged drive and the merchant was too far away to be caught.

All systems should be on the lookout for the two pirate ships, which undoubtedly are in need of urgent repair.  The Berlin has already made the Most Wanted Pirate list; there was no positive identification of the other ship.