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Akim's Army Burns Publishing House

In another act of terrorism by the conspiracy fanatics calling themselves Akim's Army, the publishing house of the late Akim Gavrolovitch was burned to the ground last night.  Four firefighting stations were called to the fire, but were unable to save the building.  Apparently the fire alarm had been disabled, and by the time the emergency services were called the building was completely in flames.  Two security guards are missing, presumed to have died in the fire.

A spokesman for the publisher said that Akim's Army had defeated their own purposes this time, as the manuscript of the unpublished novel Arden Gambit was destroyed in the fire.  Gavrolovitch had insisted that no copies were to be taken offsite for security reasons, and so there is now no possibility that the book will be published.  Akim's Army had been calling the book "suppressed," claiming it had been held back because it threatened to reveal a conspiracy of vast proportions.  The spokesman said that the terrorists had presumably burned the building to force the publisher to recover the backup copy of Gavrolovitch's manuscript, and thus reveal it's location.  They were apparently unaware of the fact that there was no backup copy.

Akim's Army admitted that they were in the building that night, but have denied setting the fire.  Authorities believe they are doing so to avoid losing face over the loss of their prized manuscript.