Pimane / Mora / Spinward Marches

Green Zone: Pimane

Officials on Pimane (2527 Spinward Marches; C500343-4) has finally been re-opened.  With this announcement, the travel zone status of Pimane has been upgraded from Amber to Green.

The new facility is much improved from the original class E starport.  Just as the city of New Hope is a state of the art domed installation replacing the older Hope's End, the new starport has facilities upgraded to class C status.  The new starport is being operated by Imperiallines, LIC.  It is intended that control of the starport facilities will eventually be handed over to the local government; training and hiring of staff will continue until the changeover is complete.

The UWP for Pimane is now changed from E500343-4 to C500343-4, effective immediately.