Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Ine Givar Hijack Ship, Plot Foiled

Residents of Mora (3124 Spinward Marches; AA99AC7-F) were astonished to see a violent blast light up the sky over Giyachii, as planetary defenses were called into action to destroy a freighter hijacked by the Ine Givar.

Three Ine Givar agents boarded the 1000 std Kala's Gold Star at its last stop, Jokotre (3024 Spinward Marches; B6548D9-7).  Posing as a business delegation, they smuggled weapons on board and took over the ship on entering orbit over Mora.  Details of their intended action, or how the plot was discovered, have not been released to protect Imperial Intelligence agents in the field.

A System Defense Force spokesman stated that for reasons she could not reveal, the only option was to destroy the Kala's Gold Star in orbit.  She added that two deep meson installations were involved in the action, each firing one shot from an accelerator.  The mission was a total success -- the ship was destroyed completely.

As to how Ine Givar agents countered security on Jokotre, or how they gained access to the control sections of the Kala's Gold Star , no information has been forthcoming.  No doubt an inquiry will be launched into how such a dangerous threat could be permitted to take place here, at the capital of the Domain, but so far Imperial authorites have remained silent on the matter.