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Count and Countess Fostriades Killed In Explosion

Imperial nobles Count and Countess Fostriades were among those killed today in an explosion that destroyed their home and several others here on the capital of the Darrian Confederation.

In the early hours of the morning a sudden explosion rocked the quiet residential area.  At the center of the blast was the residence of the Count and Countess Fostriades, which was completely destroyed.  Imperial officials have confirmed that the two were definitely in the house at the time of the disaster, and there is no doubt that both were killed instantly.  Due to the extent of the destruction, there is no prospect of recovering any remains.

Also killed in the blast were many of the staff of that house, and residents and staff of five other houses in the area.  The death toll remains uncertain at present, but is expected to number at least 60.

Police have said that the explosion was almost certainly deliberate.  They are currently working on the theory that a device was set to assassinate the Count and Countess, but have neither motive nor suspect.  They have promised full cooperation with Imperial representatives in their investigation.