Adabicci / Lunion / Spinward Marches

Duke Intervenes in Ianic Conflict

The Duke of Adabicci has taken immediate steps to resolve the trade war in Ianic (1924 Spinward Marches; E3606E9-5), calling the actions of Tukera Lines, LIC "deplorable" and "without basis in law."

A week ago, a Tukera Lines cruiser attacked three System Defense Boats in the Ianic system while attempting to board a free trader they accused of carrying Ianician manufactured trade goods.  Tukera claims they have an agreement granting them a trade monopoly with the troubled system, while the interim government of Ianic states that while negotiations to that effect have taken place, no such agreement has been signed.

Less than an hour after the news of the battle had arrived here on Adabicci (1824 Spinward Marches; A57189B-B), the Duke himself held a press conference at his palace at which he told reporters that he had taken "immediate and direct action to end this ... threat to interstellar trade."  The major legal points addressed by the Duke were:
The Duke then described actions he had taken to address the issue:
Clearly this is a major blow to Tukera Lines, both financially and in terms of influence over interstellar trade in the area.  The freewheeling business methods that have made the megacorporation such a success will have to be curtailed in coreward Lunion, and this will also no doubt affect future profits.  It will also open the door for other shipping companies and free traders to do business with the newly restructured society of Ianic.

It is also a strong statement that the Duke will not allow the recent instability on the Ianic mainworld to be used as an excuse to restrict interstellar trade.  With the request for a Marquis to be appointed to the system, the Duke is also sending a message that he considers the system of importance, which should encourage investors and boost the economy of the desert world.