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Gavrolovitch Novel To Be Published

Marquis Marcus Crestworthy announced today that he has come into possession of a manuscript of the late Akim Gavrolovitch's unpublished novel, The Arden Gambit.  The only copy of this book was thought to be lost when the building of Gavrolovitch's publisher was burned earlier this year by the radical conspiracist group Akim's Army.  The Marquis would not be drawn as to how he obtained this copy of the novel, just saying it was his obligation to ensure it was published as "a favor to a friend."

The book has already been accepted by Mora University Press, who will release the novel to mark the second anniversary of Gavrolovitch's death.

While the author is reported to have died in a hunting accident on 315-1119, several fanatical fans insist that he is either still alive, or was assassinated to prevent the publication of his book.  The Marquis refused to confirm or deny whether he believed Gavrolovitch was in fact dead.