Adabicci / Lunion / Spinward Marches

Duke Names Ianic Commission

The Duke of Adabicci has announced the members appointed to the Ianic (1924 Spinward Marches; E3606E9-5) commission:
The composition is interesting in that it has a balance between trade groups and local Ianic representation, giving the chairperson a powerful casting vote if the members split as expected along party lines.  In effect, Dame Arahani will be determining the future of Ianic herself.

Although the Duke has reportedly not expressed any preferences for the identity of the future Marquis of Ianic, placing so much power in the hands of his daughter surely hints that she is expected to be elevated to the title.  Dame Arahani would be a popular choice among the social elite of Adabicci (1824 Spinward Marches; A57189B-B).  Her older brother Eduard, Lord Adabicci, is of course in line for the ducal title, while her younger brother Sir Geoffrey has always shown a marked disinterest in Imperial politics.

The choice of Imperiallines as the second trade corporation on the commission is of great interest, especially in light of the company's recent role in establishing the new class C starport on Pimane (2527 Spinward Marches; C500343-4).  Trade analysts are speculating that this represents a sign that Ianic is due for a starport upgrade, and a larger role in the economy of coreward Lunion.