Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Archduke to Visit Adabicci

Archduke Norris has announced he will be visiting Adabicci (1824 Spinward Marches; A57189B-B) shortly to assist the commission determining the future of the Ianic system (1924 Spinward Marches; E3606E9-5).  It is expected that while he is there, he will appoint a Marquis of Ianic to oversee the situation and help the troubled system find its new place in the Imperium.  Favorite to receive the title is Dame Arahani, daughter of the Duke of Adabicci, who is chairing the Ianic commission.

The Archduke has not said how long he will be remaining on Adabicci, nor whether he will visit Ianic itself.