Frenzie / Vilis / Spinward Marches

Arden Fleets Redeployed

The Imperial Navy has announced that it is continuing at heightened alert while the fleets of the Federation of Arden redeploy to border systems.  Until it has been determined for certain that this is not a precursor to hostile action, Imperial forces will remain ready to defend their citizens.  It does appear that the fleets are merely returning to their positions before the recall rather than concentrating forces as they did last year, which according to the Navy spokesman means there is probably no cause for alarm.

On 274-1121, the fleets that had been recalled to the capital of the Federation at Arden (1011 Spinward Marches; C5549CB-8) were ordered to return to station.  Our sources have said that there has been no sign of any political or other unrest either before or during the Federation Navy's two and a half month concentration at the capital, and no reasons have been forthcoming for the unprecedented military movements.  These actions, which apparently were ordered by the highest level of the Arden Society, remain unexplained.