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Gavrolovitch Novel Published

Mora University Press today posthumously published Akim Gavrolovitch's last novel, The Arden Gambit, amid much controversy.  Today is the second anniversary of the author's death in a hunting accident on the Red Zone world of Gorram (2322 Spinward Marches; X554220-0), although some fanatical fans insist he was either assasinated or is still alive.

A representative of the terrorist group Akim's Army was present for the book release.  She claimed to have spoken with Marquis Marcus Crestworthy of Pallique (3029 Spinward Marches; A511965-E), who produced the manuscript when the only copy was supposedly destroyed in a fire on Capon (2324 Spinward Marches; B747748-A), and is convinced that the manuscript -- and published version of the novel -- is genuine.  She says she was sworn to secrecy over how the Marquis obtained the book, but says that she has heard nothing that contradicts Gavrolovitch still being alive.  She added that Akim's Army would be fighting the authorities who were persecuting the author, to allow him to return safely to public life.

The book itself is unquestionably the work of Gavrolovitch, and is also his best work.  Critics applauded the novel with glowing reviews, and said it set a new standard for conspiracy stories.  Unfortunately, the new fans it will attract will see no further books from the dead Caponian.