Capon / Lunion / Spinward Marches

Archduke Exonerates Akim's Army

Archduke Norris has announced that he has met with representatives of both the government and terrorist group Akim's Army with a view to restoring civil order to the system.  The announcement was timed to coincide with his departure from the starport on his way to Adabicci (1824 Spinward Marches; A57189B-B); this presumably was calculated to ensure no possibility of questions or interviews.

The Archduke said that Akim's Army had valid concerns about the possibility of there being a conspiracy to prevent the publication of late author Akim Gavrolovitch's latest book, The Arden Gambit.  He added that he had directed the government to launch an independent inquiry into the affair, and that the conduct of the investigation would be closely supervised by Imperial authorities.

In perhaps his most significant comment, the Archduke stated that he is completely satisfied that Akim's Army did not in fact set the fire that destroyed Gavrolovitch's publishing house.  The arson, he said, was definitely perpetrated by persons not connected with the terrorist organization.  He even conceded that the fire may perhaps have been set to destroy the sole manuscript of The Arden Gambit, but added that he did not wish to speculate at this time.

The Archduke did not make any statement concerning the disputed death -- or otherwise -- of Akim Gavrolovitch, nor has he ordered any investigation into the circumstances concerning his death.  He did say that he had read an advance copy of the novel, which is to be published on 315-1121, and that he had thoroughly enjoyed it.