Adabicci / Lunion / Spinward Marches

Marquis of Ianic Announced

After only being in system for a mere five days, the Archduke of Deneb has made history.  In a decision sure to cause controversy and discussion throughout the Imperium, Archduke Norris has bypassed expected protocols and awarded the title of Marquis of Ianic not to Dame Arahani of Adabicci (1824 Spinward Marches; A57189B-B), but to Jonkeereen activist Armis Kowrollian.  This is believed to be the first time ever that nobility has been bestowed on a jonkeereen; it is without doubt the first time that a jonkeereen has held a landed title.

The Marquis of Ianic brings to his responsibilities a long history in social politics.  He has been an outspoken activist for jonkeereen rights on his homeworld of Ianic (1924 Spinward Marches; E3606E9-5), and two years ago visited the Archduke concerning the situation there.  On his return to Ianic he was immediately arrested, triggering a civil war which raged for over two months.

Recently, the Marquis was appointed as a member of the Ianic commission, formed by the Duke of Adabicci to resolve a trade dispute leading to "an act of piracy" by Tukera Lines, LIC.  That commission is immediately dissolved, as the Marquis supercedes that authority.  Nevertheless, he has stated that the members of that commission will reform on Ianic as an advisory committee to the Marquis on the matters of interstellar trade.

Dame Arahani of Adabicci has also been honored by the Archduke.  She has been awarded the honorific title of Baroness, and will retain an active part in assisting the Marquis of Ianic in his new role.