Mongo / Jewell / Spinward Marches

Grand Admiral Baron Bridgehead Lives

Grand Admiral Baron Bridgehead, MCUF*, long thought to have died in a starship accident over a year ago at Zett (1631 Foreven), has turned up here in the Jewell sector alive and well.  In an exclusive interview with the Traveller News Service, the former head of the Imperial Navy Medical Branch, the Baron explained that while the ship H.M.S. Third Eye was lost, all the crew survived the disaster, including Imperial Citizens Edward Teeth, Mich Saginaw, Vonish Kehnaan, and Foreven native Misha Ravanos.

Apparently the Baron and the crew made their escape from the doomed ship, and managed to make their way from rimward Foreven to coreward Spinward Marches over the course of the following year.  Having returned to Imperial space, they are resuming their lives.

Baron Bridgehead would not give any details about his adventures; he did say he would be including the story in his memoirs, to be published one day.