Emape / Five Sisters / Spinward Marches

Trouble Beyond the Border

The Travellers Aid Society on Hinay (2832 Foreven) has issued an advisory for all Imperial citizens travelling in Reidan and Urnian subsectors of Foreven sector.

The Hinay Protectorate must now be considered hostile towards the Imperium.  Imperial citizens should avoid this area if at all possible.  Ships of Imperial registries are being impounded and their crew detained; passengers are being interrogated and either expelled from the Protectorate or detained.  Imperial citizens who are already residents of the Protectorate are required to register with the authorities, and may be subject to arrest without warning.

The Travellers Aid Society on Hinay is being permitted to continue, and is currently able to provide sanctuary for any Imperial citizens who have not been charged with an offence.  TAS is currently able to arrange charter mid passage for such citizens to Emape, on condition that the passengers remain on board at all times until reaching the Imperium.  This, however, relies on the continued cooperation of the Protectorate authorities, which cannot be guaranteed.

The situation appears to have been caused by a skirmish with allegedly Imperial warships near the inner gas giants of the Hinay system, resulting in the loss of three Protectorate cruisers and twelve destroyers as well as other naval vessels and fighters.  No military action is taking place at present

Imperial Navy forces on Emape have been placed on high alert, and extra forces have been requested from Iderati to respond to this situation.  Nevertheless, it is not believed that the Protectorate Navy can present a credible threat to the peace of the Imperium.