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Gougeste Applies to Join Imperium

Imperial officials today announced that Gougeste (0909 Spinward Marches; C372510-A) has applied to become a member of the Imperium. Dagukaan Corporation has filed for incorporation under Imperial Law, claiming ownership of the system.

They have offered to upgrade the starport to a class B by 1125, proposing an xboat route through Gougeste from Lysen to Quar and thus improving communication with the Zhodani Consulate. Countering that, of course, would be the expansion of the Imperium so close to the Zhodani border, which could escalate tensions in the area. Still, it is widely believed that Archduke Norris will support the opportunity to improve trade and communcations with the Consulate.

Imperial officials expressed some reservations about the law level on Gougeste, but were confident that any issues arising could be resolved. A commission will be appointed to consider the application, although the process could of course take several years.