Denotam / Vilis / Spinward Marches

Amber Zone: Calit; Pirate Base Raided

The Imperial Naval Base at Denotam (1413 Spinward Marches; B739573-A) has announced that they have conducted a surprise raid on a pirate base in the Calit (1515 Spinward Marches; C334867-7) system.

The combined Imperial Navy and Imperial Marine police action was highly successful. Seven pirate starships were captured or destroyed on the ground, and three in orbit, along with several hundred pirates. Two more small ships attempted to run to a jump point, but were interecepted, disabled, and captured.

Officials said that this was the base of the notorious Robin Sherwood. Her ship Berlin was caught on the ground, but managed to reach orbit under heavy fire. The ship sustained severe external and internal damage, but entered jump soon after leaving orbit. That would have been a dangerous jump in a perfect ship; a damaged ship would not be expected to emerge from such a jump. The Imperial Navy does not expect to see Berlin or Robin Sherwood again.

The Calit system is now under Amber Zone status, as military operations are still ongoing.