Denotam / Vilis / Spinward Marches

Military Operations Continue in Calit

Two weeks after the initial raid on Robin Sherwood's pirate base in the Calit (1515 Spinward Marches; C334867-7) system, military operations are still in progress. Imperial Navy officials at the Naval Base at Denotam (1413 Spinward Marches; B739573-A) have admitted that the situation is still not under control.

Further Imperial Marines have been deployed on worlds throughout the system, where they are engaged in mopping up operations. These are proving difficult and dangerous because of the extent of the pirate presence in the system. The action is still considered a substantial success, however, eliminating a major pirate base in the Vilis subsector and almost certainly leading to the death of the notorious Robin Sherwood and the destruction of her ship Berlin.

The Calit system remains under Amber Zone status.