Rhylanor / Rhylanor / Spinward Marches

Commission to Review Nakege Blockade

Following on today's ruling on the trade dispute in Tussinian (2731 Spinward Marches; B678324-7), the Duke of Rhylanor has announced that an Imperial Cmmission is to be appointed to review the Tukera Lines, LIC trade blockade in the Nakege (1305 Spinward Marches; D591314-2) system. Baron Frederik Gaussla of Rhylanor has been named to head the Commission.

The situation in Nakege differs in several ways from the previous rulings, however. The Nakege blockade has been in place for centuries, and is a long standing contract dispute rather than a claimed monopoly. Nakege is in Jewell subsector, which is surely considered a frontier area since it shares a border with the Zhodani Consulate. In addition, while the other disputes had current documentation to support the arguments, a great many of the Nakege papers have been lost over the preceeding hundreds of years. It is hard to see how Ianic (1924 Spinward Marches; E360697-5) and Tussinian could be considered precedents.

Nevertheless, the restriction of Tukera trade practices does open the way to investigate more long standing disputes. No doubt the Commission will take into account the current practical situation in Nakege, and Tukera's traditional role in the expansion of Imperial Trade in the frontier, when producing their report. Tukera officials did not expect the establishment of this Commission to affect the value of the megacorporation.