Iderati / Five Sisters / Spinward Marches

Martial Law Declared for Hinay Crisis

Martial Law has been declared in Five Sisters to deal with insurgency incited by Hinay Protectorate, which has declared war on the Imperium. Local Imperial forces are being extensively redeployed in response, but Imperial Navy officials assure the public that they can handle the situation.

The Hinay military forces are not considered a credible threat to any Imperial worlds, but many cells scattered through Five Sisters will take some time to suppress.

The Imperial Navy has issues a news clampdown to hinder communication of cells through coded messages. Imperial Navy envoys from Five Sisters being sent to all Spinward Marches subsectors to explain the situation personally. It is, however, believed that outright war can be averted.

Travellers should exercise extreme caution in the Five Sisters subsector. Details of travel restrictions are available at all local Travellers Aid Society offices, but for all practical purposes the entire subsector should be treated as if it was a Red Zone.