Pannet / Rhylanor / Spinward Marches

Downport Dome Report Released

The inquiry into the disaster last year at the Downport Dome breach on Pannet (2519 Spinward Marches; E9C5677-7) has been released.

The Commision into the Downport Dome disaster recommends stricter regulation and inspection of insidious atmosphere ratings, including official licensing and transponder ID being required for all ships operating in those conditions.

In response, a new InsidAtmos (Insidious Atmosphere) qualification will be required for any starship operating in insidious atmosphere (UWP code C) or even entering orbit around a world with such an atmosphere.  Further regulations restrict the operation of such rated ships, as well as determine where such a rating is to be obtained.

UWP atmosphere C worlds will be also be assigned a minimum InsidAtmos rating, which must be met or exceeded by starships wishing to operate there.  These ratings will take time to propagate through the Imperium, and in the meantime travellers should check with local worlds on an individual basis to determine their requirements.

All ships currently rated for Insidious Atmosphere operations will be considered to have an InsidAtmos1 rating until 100-1123, when the old ratings will no longer be valid.