Pannet / Rhylanor / Spinward Marches

Downport Dome to Open in New Year

It was announced today that Downport Dome on Pannet (2519 Spinward Marches; E9C5677-7) will open again early in the new year.  Almost destroyed in a containment failure caused by a starship crash last year, crews have been working around the clock to restore the city and reopen it for interstellar trade.

The city has not just been restored, but improved with state of the art high technology from GSbAG, who are putting their insidious atmosphere starship experience into the city.  Once the new section of the city is open, most of the evacuated population will be able to return.  With the city up and running again, the old section will then be renovated to incorporate the new technology too.

New fast access containment shelters are being built, using grav technology to enable rapid entry chambers.  A new sensor and alert system is expected to reduce the false positive alarms, and this in combination with ease of use should save thousands of lives in the event of a breach.

A GSbAG company spokesman has called this "the safest insidious city in the galaxy."  It is also without question the most expensive, paid for in large part by the Domain of Deneb itself.

As soon as Downport Dome reopens, ships will once again be permitted to land at the mainworld.  Only those ships certified for the new InsidAtmos3 rating will be even be permitted into orbit around the mainworld, let along land.  Such certification is only available at Class A starports of tech level E or above; it is valid for one year, but subject to surprise checks which cannot be refused.  Following the disaster at Pannet last year, InsidAtmos qualification is now part of a ship's transponder signal.