Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Terrorism Strikes Domain Capital

At 19:00 today, a sudden strike of terrorist attacks struck Mora (3124 Spinward Marches; AA99AC7-F), ahead of the expected arrival of Admiral Lord Sanatanocheev's Rebel fleets in the system.

The attacks appear to have been aimed mainly at the nobility, particularly those close to Archduke Norris.  Among the dead are Judi Tarrassi, Countess of Maitz; Elinor DaLana, Countess of Brodie; Gratha and Alania Delrio, Count and Countess of Nexine; and Alin Wardammer, Marquis of Meleto.

A further assassination attempt was thwarted, at the wedding reception of Baron Bridgehead, Lord Rorise at the Ducal palace.  It is not currently known who would have been the target as it was well attended by Norris supporters.  Kalida Siena, Marchioness of Nakege, is credited with preventing this through the actions of her entourage, including Sir Misha Ravanos.

In addition to the assassinations, four bombs exploded in the capital city itself, destroying apartment buildings which were the residences of several local nobility.  It was not immediately known whether some of those nobles were killed or simply offworld at the time, and the list of casualties is being withheld until it can be confirmed.  It is believed that around 720 people were killed in those explosions.

A fifth device was found and disabled by Imperial Intelligence.

The titles in question are now taken by the designated heirs: Jorgi and Alise DaLana, Count and Countess of Brodie; Helga Delrio, Countess of Nexine; and Alixya Wardammer, Marchioness of Meleto.  The title of Count of Maitz remains open as there was no heir.