Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Regency for Domain of Deneb

    In an official statement read in person at the Archducal Palace today on Mora (3124 Spinward Marches; AA99AC7-F), Archduke Norris has announced that he has voluntarily and temporarily suspended his duties as Archduke.  The Santanocheev Rebellion has brought to light certain legal issues which need to be resolved by the Emperor himself, and until a formal judgment in those matters arrives the Domain of Deneb is to become a Regency.

    Acting as Duke Regent of Deneb is Harlo Erghal, Duke of Rhylanor.  He is to be addressed as Duke Regent in all formal circumstances, and holds all powers of the office of Archduke.  The Duke Regent has already taken up his official residence in the Archducal Palace, and has accepted his duties effective immediately.  The Duke Regent will be joined by his family, Duchess Sara and their children Jucal, Lord Rhylanor, Dame Celeste of Rhylanor, and Dame Jane of Rhylanor, as soon as they can make personal arrangements to transfer to the Domain capital.
    In a separate announcement, the Duke Regent has stated that he considers this a temporary situation, and will resume his duties as Duke of Rhylanor once a judgment has been returned by the Emperor.  He has emphasized that he is informing the Emperor that should the verdict go against Norris, that he himself does not wish to be under consideration to be Norris's successor, but that he wishes to return to Rhylanor when the Regency period has run its course.

    In the meantime, Archduke Norris himself will take up his duties as Duke of Regina, and will have no hand in the rule of the Domain.  As such, he prefers to forgo his legal title as Archduke, and wishes to be addressed as Norris, Duke of Regina, until such time as a ruling in his favor may allow him to resume the role of Archduke of Deneb.