Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Santanocheev Rebellion Ends Peacefully

    The Santanocheev Rebellion is now over.  There is no longer any threat of military action in the Spinward Marches, as a settlement has been agreed that ends the legal dispute that Admiral Count Santanocheev had over certain elements of Norris's actions as Archduke.
    The Imperial Navy fleets in the system of Mora (3124 Spinward Marches; AA99AC7-F) are standing down and will move back to their assigned systems under a plan developed by Grand Admiral Bridgehead, Duke of Five Sisters.  The redeployment, along with certain repairs, is expected to take several months.
    The establishment of the Regency was the decisive factor in the agreement.  With the Domain under the rule of Duke Regent Harlo, the legal differences could be settled peacefully without either party requiring the other to yield.  Instead, the matter will be settled by the Emperor himself.

    The Santanocheev Rebellion -- a popular name that has stuck, regardless of the technicality of whether this was indeed a Rebellion, a Mutiny, or a Police Action -- was not without violence.  The Battle of Tussinian (2731 Spinward Marches; B678324-7) was the largest single military action ever fought by the Imperial Navy, and resulted in substantial loss of life of the brave Imperial Sailors who served on the many ships that were lost.  Significant damage was also inflicted on the mainworld of the Tussinian system, although only military installations were targetted.  Tussinian is still inhabitable, but it will take several years for the system to recover.
    In addition, a much smaller action was fought in the system of Rhylanor (2716 Spinward Marches; A434934-F), resulting in the complete loss of one fleet along with their commander, the Count of Fulacin.

    A full account of the Santanocheev Rebellion is beyond the limits of TNS message size.  A new Imperial Library Data entry on the subject is being distributed over normal channels, and our readers are referred to that entry for more information.