Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Civilian Rule for Five Sisters, New Duke Announced

    Archduke Norris today announced that Five Sisters subsector of the Spinward Marches, which has been under military rule for over 500 years, is to be handed over to civilian rule.  The Archduke said that the recent troubles have emphasized that there needs to be a separation of military and noble responsibilities, and that administration of a fully-fledged sector of the Imperium should not be the province of the armed forces.
    This of course implies that when District 268 is admitted to the Imperium, it will start out under civilian rule instead of being following the precedent of Five Sisters and having to wait more than half a millenium for proper noble representation for its peoples.

    The first Duke of Five Sisters is to be Grand Admiral Duke Bridgehead, Lord Rorise, who will be accompanied by his wives Duchess Angela, Lady Rorise, and Duchess Erica.  Duke Bridgehead has had a long distinguished Imperial Navy career which recently lead him to take command of all Imperial Navy forces defending Mora (3124 Spinward Marches; AA99AC7-F) during the Santanocheev Rebellion.
    The Duke will formally resign his commission on taking up his new civililan duties, but his military background will surely help with the transition of Five Sisters from Naval administration to the Imperial Nobility.

    Construction of a Ducal Palace on the capital of Iderati (0732 Spinward Marches; A887798-C) will begin as soon as possible.  It is believed that the Duke will take up residence at the Naval Base until his new estates are ready.

    The title of the Duke of Five Sisters is of course subject to Imperial confirmation, but this is surely a mere formality in this case.  The Archduke has stated that the Duke and Duchesses will take up their duties immediately without waiting for the official statement from Capital, which will take several years.