Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches

Historic Alliance with Sword Worlds, Imperial Worlds Ceded

The Duke Regent today announced a new era in the power balance on the Imperial Border.  The Imperium has recognized the new Trilateral Alliance government of the Sword Worlds, who succeed Gram as the seat of power in the Confederation.  He has ratified an agreement negotiated by Admiral Count Santanocheev which forges an alliance between the Sword Worlds and the Imperium.

This is a historic shift in the power balance in the Spinward Marches, assuring the Imperium's safety from the Zhodani Threat.  The Zhodani now stand alone on the Spinward-Coreward border, with the Darrian Federation and now the Sword Worlds Confederation both allied with the Imperium.  To a certain extent this balances the Imperial Navy fleet movements during the Santanocheev Rebellion, assuring the security of the Spinward Marches in these troubled times.

While this will no doubt raise tensions with the Zhodani Consulate, the Duke Regent is sure that any issues can be resolved peacefully.

As part of the agreement, certain Imperial worlds that have long held strong ties with the Sword Worlds will become officially part of that Confederation.  These are:
The transfer of power in these worlds will be overseen by the Dukes of Adabicci and Five Sisters.  These worlds are to be considered temporary Amber Zones during the transition.

By agreement with the Trilateral Alliance, the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service will retain the Scout Base on Caladbolg as Imperial Property, with appropriate border controls to other parts of Caladbolg.  The Xboat route will continue through this system, as it does currently through Biter (1526 Spinward Marches; B354623-A) in the Sword Worlds.

Noble titles associated with the ceded worlds will be retained, with these nobles also taking up new equivalent or higher titles in Five Sisters subsector.