Dulu / Scopio / Foreven

Full Wartime Alert

Scorpionis forces in the Dulu system have been placed on full wartime alert.

There has been no announcement by the Scorpionis Press Agency, but sources who asked not to be identified said that this was no local posturing or military exercise, but the real thing.  It is speculated that Dulu is to be the site of an invasion by unspecified aliens from Beyond.

How the Scorpionis forces discovered these invasion plans is the subject of rampant rumors.  The most plausible of these is that a FarSpacer on walkabout may have brought the news back to Yonder.  Whatever source the Scorpionis Navy has, however, it is clear that they take the threat of invasion very seriously indeed.

The alert is expected to be followed by Naval fleet movements through other parts of Scorpionis.