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The Spinward War: Faranu lost?

We have just heard from our sources that contact has been lost with the Faranu system.

In the context of the Spinward War, this is a very disturbing development.  Scorpionis Naval assets have reportedly been concentrated at Dulu, leaving only a skeleton force in several systems.  Apparently the Visitors, whoever -- whatever -- they are, may have somehow bypassed the fortifications prepared against them, and it is likely that Faranu has fallen to the alien invaders.

Taking into account jump lag, the date of the fall of Faranu was most likely 062-1117, just eleven days after the Scorpionis Navy at Dulu was put on full wartime alert.

The Press Agency continues ignore the situation.  It is possible, of course, that some natural disaster has disrupted communications.  Whatever the cause, it is clear that Faranu has suffered a serious mishap.