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Scorpionis Annexes Joloch, Ambassador Announces

The Scorpionis ambassador to the Corona Foundation announced today that Joloch has been accepted for membership in Scorpionis.  In a prepared statement, he said that the government of Joloch approached them some time ago concerning this matter.  Now that arrangements have been settled, Joloch has been welcomed into Scorpionis with celebration by all parties.

He added that at the request of Joloch, an elite Scorpionis Navy fleet has been temporarily assigned to the system to discourage any interference in this local matter by "outside powers".  In fact, in honor of the newest member of Scorpionis, the capital is to be relocated there for a temporary period.

He then went on to describe the glorious victory of Scorpionis fleets over the alien invaders in the Dulu system.  He then said that naval and planetary exercises were beginning in the Jusk system, involving five fleets.

This announcement was met with stunned silence by the Foundation.  Popular opinion here on Corona is that Joloch has been annexed by force.  There is a general air of unease among the Foundation government; they are undoubtedly concerned that Scorpionis expansionism will continue towards Corona.  That in fact was exactly the impression the ambassador wanted to project; whether that is the case, or whether Scorpionis is retreated from the war front, is open to speculation.