Jusk / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Staru Falls to Aliens

It is now clear that the Staru system has fallen to the alien invaders.  No communications have been received from Scorpionis forces that were deployed to Staru, and those fleets have officially been declared missing in action.

It would seem that the Visitors have a major force at Staru, and at present there are no plans to retake the system.  Instead, sources indicate that Scorpionis is planning to make a stand here at Jusk; this is supported by the five fleets currently in the system.  Heavy fortification of the system is also being carried out.

Any ships entering Jusk should be careful to remain within shipping lanes, and do nothing untoward.  There are rumors of several incidents of ships -- civilian and military -- being destroyed by friendly fire due to mistaken identity.  The military is extremely tense, as if expecting action at any time, and standard procedure seems to be to shoot first and ask for identification later.