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The Spinward War: Massacre at Darthlaru

The ambassador for Stevvin today described incredible atrocities in the system of Darthlaru.  His report was documented with eyewitness reports and sensor logs, leaving no doubt that it was accurate.

What makes it so horrible is that these atrocities were carried out not by the Visitors, but by the Scorpionis Navy on their own civilians.

The Scorpionis liberty-fleet, under the command of Admiral Cartha, arrived insystem on 095-1117.  It then resupplied, and prepared to leave on 098-1117.

On that day, the fleet first bombarded the starport, totally destroying it.  The domed city surrounding the starport was also destroyed, along with all the inhabitants.  Including starport staff, the dead are believed to number in the thousands.

Ships from the Stevvin system visted Darthlaru on 106, just eight days after the massacre.  At first they thought it had been attaacked by the aliens, but it soon became apparent that the Scorpionis Navy had depopulated the system in an act of mass destruction.

The Scorpionis ambassador sat silently during Stevvin's report.  He thrust our reporter aside voilently on his way out of the Foundation chambers.