Jusk / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Seven Fleets Protect Yonder

With the arrival of the fleet from Eddiz, the Scorpionis military buildup in the Jusk system is complete.  It is now silently acknowledged by the Navy that Scorpionis has retreated from the boundary with Beyond, and intends to make a stand against the aliens here in Jusk.

It is generally acknowledged that the aliens possess only Jump-2 technology.  That means that any progress further into Yonder would have to go through Jusk.  The seven fleets here are a formidable force indeed to defend our sector.

Moving back to Jusk has, however, left several Scorpionis systems undefended.  In addition to Faranu and Staru, which are believed to be occupied by the Visitors, the abandoned systems are Dulu, Darthlaru, Scorpiu, Federu, Stevvin, Coruska, and Sting.